Your iPhone Means You Never Have to Count Calories Again

I hate tracking calories. If I had an iPhone, it’d apparently be a thing of the past.

Well, that’s what the makers of Meal Snap would have us believe. Sit down for a meal, snap a photo, and Meal Snap will give you a calorie range:

Bacon, eggs and hashbrowns? You’ll be taking in between 290 to 436 calories. Mixed salad with goat cheese? That’ll cost you 330 to 495 calories. You may be better off with roasted red peppers and toast for 111 to 166 calories.”

Quite a range on some of these dishes. Okay, so it might not have the accuracy of a good scale and your favorite diet or food-tracking site. But hey, if you hate counting calories so much that you’re not doing it, this might not be a bad substitute.

Large donuts

If I had an iPhone, I could tell you how many calories were in all of these donuts, which I would never, ever consider eating in one sitting.

I have to wonder, though, just how good Meal Snap is at judging the size of a portion. And how will it know if your sandwich has mayonnaise on it, let alone whether that mayo is fat free or full fat?

If you’ve tried Meal Snap, I’d love to hear your experience, and I’m sure others would, too. Leave a comment to let us know!


  1. I have an iPhone, and I’m NOT getting that app as it is to ambiguous for me, I need more accurate info. Like you said, there is just too much room for variation with fat-free ingredients. But it would be useful for someone that is too lazy to enter all their food in a food journal, which is a pain, even with technology to help us out.

    • If it comes to Android and doesn’t cost too much, I’ll probably try it out, but I’m with you: the ambiguity is a problem. It’s probably best left to people who just can’t motivate themselves to keep a proper food journal. Estimates are better than nothing at all!

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