Pay at the Pump

To lose weight, I try to incorporate a lot of little strategies. One strategy is to pay at the pump.

Not a strategy, you say? I respectfully disagree. The gas station convenience store is fraught with dieting pitfalls. Take this glorious, thigh-expanding, artery clogging example of heavenly goodness. I love love love these things. All 450 calories of them.

Little Debbie is a bitch

I'm pretty sure I've been in gas stations that sold nothing but Little Debbie chocolate pies.

In fact, whatever your dieting weakness, the convenience store seems to stock more of it than anything else.

Why put yourself through it?* Don’t go inside. Pay at the pump.

*Sometimes I have to go inside because we need milk. Gotta rely on, gulp, willpower in that situation.


  1. In my opinion if you want to loose weight you must refuse all the sweet food.

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